Dental Implants

Are you feeling shy to smile in family photographs and with friends? Is chewing food a problem? Missing teeth affect all aspects of our lives. Implants offer the best long term solution. Our experienced dentists will return your smile and teeth of ideal shape and color. We guarantee the quality and durability of implants installed in our Dental Clinic.

Implants is the best method of regaining missing teeth. Implants are durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Advanced implant installations

Implants by Dental Clinic Vident
Implants by Dental Clinic Vident

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What is an implant?

An implant is made of a titanium alloy inserted in the jaw bone for replacement of the root of the tooth. A dental prosthetic (crown) installed on an implant has an ideal form and natural color and looks as real as a natural tooth.

Implant installation procedure

 Installing implants is a standard dental procedure. Installation of an implant takes about 20 minutes. During the installation normal anesthesia is used, which makes the procedure completely painless.

Service life of dental implants

The service life of implants is not limited. With proper care dental implants can serve you for life. Quality implants, installed by an experienced dentist, are highly resistant and durable.

Installing implants immediately after teeth removal

In many cases an implant can be installed immediately after removal of a tooth, so that a patient does not have to wait about 6 months for the bone structure to form. This is done so that the patient will not have to be in the unfortunate position of remaining toothless, even for one hour.

Is there a need for full anesthesia?

No, local anesthesia excludes any kind of pain. During the preparation and installation of implants you will feel vibration and pressure, but not pain. Many patients compare the procedure with ordinary treatment of dental caries, which also takes place with local anesthesia only.

Will I feel pain after the procedure?

Gums may remain sensitive for several days after the procedure, but will not bleed.  Most patients stop taking painkillers the next day after the installation.

From which age is it possible to install dental implants?

Dental implants can be installed after the completion of the bone growth, which occur at about 18 years of age. 

Is it safe to install implants in elderly people?

It is never late to improve the health of your teeth! Installing dental implants is a very safe procedure and can be safely practiced with  70- , 80- and even 90- year old patients.

Will I have teeth during the period of treatment?

Yes.  If you had removable denture before the treatment it is very easy to modify them for use during the treatment.  If you did not have dentures before, we can install a temporary prosthetic. In some cases it is possible to fix it on an implant immediately.

Is it possible to install implants immediately after tooth removal?

Yes. Implants can be planted in place of a root immediately after the tooth is removed.

Is it possible to install dental implants in one day?

Yes. Our Dental Surgeon works fast and safely and can install several implants in just one session.

Will the new teeth, supported by implants, feel like your natural teeth?

You will not feel any difference between your own teeth and your new teeth. Teeth supported by implants will produce a natural feeling during speech, eating and laughing.

How much will it cost to install dental implants?

The cost depends on the scope of work and number of implants. Our dentist will estimate the work and cost before the treatment.

Enjoy life better with implants.

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