Dental Clinic Vident - Therapeutical treatments of teeth and gums

Vident provides all types of dental therapies including the following treatments:

  • Prophylactic and treatment of tooth decay (dental caries).
  • Treatment of gingivitis.
  • All types of pulpit and periodontitis.
  • Tooth fillings, root canals.
  • Tooth Whitening (Zoom!AP).
  • Cosmetic dentistry and restoration of teeth.
  • Professional hygiene of the mouth – removal of soft and hard tooth tissues.

Dental Caries (Decay)

Dental Caries is caused by the acid-producing bacteria which accumulate on the teeth due to incorrect or irregular cleaning.  Normal consumption of food leads to the appearance of white plaque on teeth, which becomes a shelter for the harmful bacteria that hide beneath. Brushing teeth regularly helps to remove the plaque together with the bacteria; however, places which are difficult to reach by brush often develop caries even with good overall cleaning of the mouth.  Once established under the plaque, bacteria produce organic acid which creates cavities.

The newly born disease has three stages: surface, middle, and deep. During the surface and middle stages of development of the disease, a person may or may not experience short pains from sweet and sour foods and drinks as well as from heat and cold.  When noticing such symptoms a person should go to the dental clinic immediately for treatment.
Unfortunately, in many cases caries may not show any signs until the deep stage of development. During this stage a large cavity, separated from the nerves of the tooth by a thin layer of dentine, is formed inside the tooth.  Usually it is accompanied by sharp prolonged pain from mechanical (chewing) as well as chemical and temperature irritants. 
Many patients delay going to the dentist until sharp pain appears, when caries reach the last stage of development and treatment is more difficult.

How to prevent caries?

Regular and thorough mouth cleaning is one of the most important factors of sustaining healthy teeth.  Brushing teeth twice a day, flossing, and rinsing with a mouthwash such as Listerine will decrease the chances of harmful plaque and bacteria causing caries. Plaque, left in the unreachable for toothbrush places, may lead to caries and has to be cleaned professionally.
In order to prevent, diagnose and treat caries (tooth decay) early, we recommend to have an examination and professional cleaning of the teeth every six months.

Filling materials

We work with filling materials of leading European and American manufacturers such as 3M, ESPE, VOCO, KEERR, DENTSPLY and others.
We also work with the material QUIXFIL which is comparable in strength with Amalgam, but has a very significant advantage – the color of the filling.  Amalgam has a black color and QUIXFIL is very close to the natural color of the teeth.


In order to establish a correct diagnosis and control of treatments Vident has a panoramic X-RAY machine, which produces digital images immediately available on the computer.  Based on X-Ray scans we can achieve precision and high quality of treatments.

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