Tooth Whitening

A shiny white smile is a fresh breath, a successful career and often a success in love. With Zoom!AP our specialists can help you to achieve a bright white smile within just one hour.

Whiten teeth fast with the Advanced Zoom!AP Teeth Whitening System. Feel good and look great with a white smile in one hour.

Zoom!AP is scientifically proven and patented. It is safe and very effective. One of the most important advantages - instant result. You can have a bright shiny smile in less than one hour. It is more effective and easier to perform in comparison to all other methods of whitening.

Whiten teeth fast with the scientifically advanced Zoom!AP Teeth Whitening System. Feel good and look great with a white smile in one hour.

Step 1: Establishing the color of teeth before whitening.

Teeth Whitening step 2: Applying protective cream on lips.

Teeth Whitening step 3: Isolating gums.

Teeth whitening step 4: Applying whitening gel.

Step 5: Zoom!AP - Whitening teeth with the Zoom!AP lamp.

Step 6: Applying fixative gel.

Step 7: Establishing the color of teeth after whitening.

How do we whiten teeth?

Tooth whitening is a very safe and painless procedure and therefore does not require anesthesia. The total procedure requires about one hour (including preparation and 45 minutes of actual whitening time).

First, your doctor together with you will determine the present color of your teeth. In total there are 16 shades of colors.

In order to protect your soft tissues from the active gel, your teeth will be insulated with a protective cover.

After that the whitening gel will be applied for 15 minutes. The effectiveness of the active gel is achieved by using Zoom! Advanced Power lamp. During one visit the gel will be applied 3-4 times, improving your tooth color by 7-10 shades.

Is tooth whitening safe?

Tooth whitening is considered to be one of the safest procedures in cosmetic dentistry. The gel used in Vident is one of the safest gels available: it does not affect the structure and chemical composition of tooth enamel; it does not affect the strength of the teeth; it only removes coloring agents from the enamel.

Restrictions apply only to pregnant and lactating mothers.

How long the whitening lasts.

To preserve the white color of your teeth for up to 5 years we recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day and avoid cigarettes, coffee, strong black tea, red wine, and other coloring foods and drinks. Smokers who continue to smoke after treatment can expect the whitening to fade faster, but only by about 1 or 2 shades of color.

Zoom!AP will give you and your loved ones a brighter smile and the confidence you always wanted.

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